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Your Vote Matters

With the polls of the 2017 Election being so close I urge everyone to use your democratic right to vote! It’s going to be close and a few votes could make a significant difference.

In the recent UK election, the Conservative Party lost their Kensington electorate seat by only 20 votes!!! So, 20 votes made a significant difference in that area and helped to have a huge impact on the UK election over all.

It can be difficult to keep up with New Zealand politics! In fact, things changed only 6 months after the last election in 2015 when National MP Mike Sabin was forced to resign and Winston Peters won the Northland seat for NZ First. John Key stood down as the leader of the National Party in December 2016. In the past few months we have seen change of leadership for the Labour Party and the Greens. Just recently, we are left wondering if United Future even exist anymore after the resignation of Peter Dunn.

Many of us vote by habit or we vote like our parents. However, lots has changed. Don’t forget to do your research.

So, from now to the 22nd of September you can turn up at any early voting place and vote. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can register and vote at the same time. I have seen them outside cinemas, in libraries and in supermarkets. You can find out where your nearest one is here.

So just like the M&Ms in my local veg shop, I urge you all to vote!

Alan Worman