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  1. We are a (much smaller) community group in South Auckland that has been fighting with Auckland Transport to stop the development of a second motorway parallel to the existing one that would wipe out hundreds of houses from redoubt road motorway exit to Alfriston, then down to Papakura, causing hundreds more houses to be demolished, before heading through Drury and Ramarama.
    Not only would this ridiculous plan wipe out hundreds of houses, it will also wipe out +400 year old bush and heritage tree stands, destroy the ‘sensitive’ ridge of Redoubt, cut the biodiversity in pieces and kill all the wildlife that finds refuge here .

    The local residents are totally against this and we want to join forces with your organisation to work together to stop AT doing this to local communities and the environment.

    Please contact us so we may start communication on ways in which we can work together, we admire your very effective and astonishing results in such a short period of time!

    Secretary RREAG
    Redoubt Ridge Environmental Action Group

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