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The Respect Our Community Campaign was set up in 2013, in opposition to the East West Link – a motorway proposed to be put through the communities of Mangere and Otahuhu. After we stopped that, we decided to keep our campaign going, and to keep working to advocate for our communities.

Our original About page 2013:

Right now, Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Agency are planning on building a four lane motorway between Mangere and Otahuhu.

It is known as “Option Four” and is shown on the map below as the black line with the three dots.


The Auckland Transport Blog has more details on the exact route and the hundreds of homes and multiple schools affected:

Overall we see a total of around 530 houses in direct line of the proposed motorway, plus quite a few schools. That’s a huge impact – especially as Auckland currently has a pretty significant housing shortage. But perhaps the greater impact is when you consider where the project goes – right through the heart of many of Auckland’s most deprived and most fragile communities. Such widespread demolition, the enormous severance effect, the destruction of schools, the removal of open space in places like Mangere, the complete removal of the Wymondley community… the list goes on.

There is no doubt this is a bad project. It will be enormously expensive and worse it doesn’t actually go near where the problems are as all of the other information so far released describes the issues as being further North. In fact it seems to so completely miss the point you have to wonder why it is even an option at all. When you look at the map of everything being proposed the only explanation I can think of is that this is basically being designed as a motorway to get the residents of the Howick and Pakuranga area to get to the airport faster.

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