South Auckland candidate proposes free public transport trial

Statement by Brendan Corbett, 1 October 2019:

Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board candidate Brendan Corbett proposes a six month trial period for free public transport in South Auckland, to get commuters out of cars and end daily traffic congestion. Corbett says free public transport could transform the city and be an innovative move to combat climate change.

This plan is similar to the proposal floated by the Manukau City Mayor, Sir Barry Curtis 13 years ago.

[‘Curtis says Manukau rail spur threatened’ NZ Herald 21 February 2006: ]

Mayor Curtis nominated three of his city’s suburbs for trials of free bus services, which transport authority chief executive Alan Thompson had indicated could prove a very useful investigative exercise. [‘Increased subsidy hits free bus trials’ NZ Herald 7 Sep, 2005 –  ]

A 4000 signature petition supporting a proposed free bus trial in Manukau, was presented to the Auckland Regional Transport Authority. But opposition from Auckland’s then main bus operator, the multi-national bus company StageCoach, stymied Curtis’s initiative – “a good reason why public transport should be publicly owned and operated” added Corbett.

Free public transport has successfully ended traffic chaos in many overseas cities including Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, and the French city of Dunkirk. “If they can do it, why can’t we?” asks Corbett.


A Challenge for Auckland City Council

Thanks to the amazing work from Peace Action Manawatu, Palmerston North City Council is reviewing it’s policy around hosting particular events that promote weapons, tobacco, fossil fuels or casino gambling.

All councils around Aotearoa need to stop playing host to weapons dealers & those who profit from exploiting people and the planet.

We challenge Auckland City Council to follow Palmerston North’s lead!

Read more here:

Recent Transport Initiatives

Auckland Transport has a range of projects underway supporting the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board initiative of being ‘a well-connected area’. This includes: The recent release of public consultation information for the walking and cycling routes that will link Māngere and Ōtāhuhu. Auckland Transport are still delivering Ōtāhuhu’s Streetscape work. The Local Board plan for upgrading the Māngere East Town Centre will soon be discussed with the Council. Auckland Transport also aims to improve the amount of shelter at the Māngere Town Centre Bus Station.

Support is continuing for the Ōtāhuhu Portage route being open to recreation, walking and cycling and is implementation of the Norana path walkway and funding is a priority for the Local Paths projects.

In recent months, Auckland Transport has provided advice about a number of projects that could be delivered to improve Future Streets. Improving the walking and cycling route through Ashgrove Reserve has been identified for design. Auckland Transport also has a range of ‘activation’ activities underway.

The re-development of the Māngere East Town Centre is the MOLB’s main priority during the Long Term Plan.

Te Ara Mua – Future Streets, a project encouraging safe walking and cycling around Māngere has taken out the supreme award at the 2017 Bike to the Future Awards. Organised by New Zealand Transport Agency and the Cycling Action Network, the awards celebrate the projects making cycling a better way to get around and were announced at the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress. Te Ara Mua – Future Streets was also finalist in the Innovation Hub Award category, which recognises excellence in design, engineering or construction of cycling, walking and bus facilities. It also recognises innovative planning processes, materials, designs, partnerships, procurement or delivery models.

Sign the petition to keep train staff on our trains

The decision by AT to remove train managers puts other staff and passengers at risk. Add your voice to support train managers here.

Everyone who rides on a train in Auckland should have a safe and enjoyable journey. Auckland Transport wants to take train managers off Auckland’s passenger trains. This will make train travel more difficult and less pleasant…

Go to: to sign the petition now.

ROCC voice concerns over potential air quality threat

Request for Direct Referral by Ambury Properties Limited – 72 Tidal Road, Mangere

Members of ROCC have made objections to the application by Ambury Properties Limited to build a factory at 72 Tidal Road, Mangere. They want stronger measures to be taken about air quality and other issues relating to the factory.  
Recently Ambury Properties requested that a Council Hearing be avoided and the application be heard directly by the Environment Court.
ROCC raised concerns that this would by-pass the community.
The Auckland Council Regulatory Committee resolved (by IMSB Member G Wilcox, seconded by Cr E Collins): 
That the Regulatory Committee decline the request for the following reasons:
i) the resource consent applications are predominantly a local issue, with a total of 12 submissions predominantly from submitters in the local Mangere area; 
ii) those submitters will be able to participate in a decision-making process at a Council hearing on this local project and with a Manukau venue for the hearing; 
iii) submitters include lay people, who will likely be unfamiliar with the Environment Court process, and will be required to become section 274 parties to participate in this more formal process, including possible cross-examination; 
iv) the determination of the application is dependent upon a mix of both technical expert evidence and non-technical evaluative assessment that is suitably heard at first instance at Council level; 
v) there is insufficient indication of certainty that a Council decision being appealed to the Environment Court, either by the applicant or any submitters given the nature of feedback received through prelodgement public consultation process and given the matters raised in the 12 submissions received; and 
vi) if the decision made by the Council is appealed, the Council hearing process would have led to a refinement of the issues to then allow for a more focused and efficient Environment Court process such as mediation and caucusing that may avoid the need for hearing.
Keep an eye on the ROCC facebook page and this website for updates.

Your Vote Matters

With the polls of the 2017 Election being so close I urge everyone to use your democratic right to vote! It’s going to be close and a few votes could make a significant difference.

In the recent UK election, the Conservative Party lost their Kensington electorate seat by only 20 votes!!! So, 20 votes made a significant difference in that area and helped to have a huge impact on the UK election over all.

It can be difficult to keep up with New Zealand politics! In fact, things changed only 6 months after the last election in 2015 when National MP Mike Sabin was forced to resign and Winston Peters won the Northland seat for NZ First. John Key stood down as the leader of the National Party in December 2016. In the past few months we have seen change of leadership for the Labour Party and the Greens. Just recently, we are left wondering if United Future even exist anymore after the resignation of Peter Dunn.

Many of us vote by habit or we vote like our parents. However, lots has changed. Don’t forget to do your research.

So, from now to the 22nd of September you can turn up at any early voting place and vote. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can register and vote at the same time. I have seen them outside cinemas, in libraries and in supermarkets. You can find out where your nearest one is here.

So just like the M&Ms in my local veg shop, I urge you all to vote!

Alan Worman

Use Your Vote!

As a result of becoming a permanent resident, I am able to vote for the first time in 7 years of living in New Zealand. I am very excited about being able to vote. But it is clear to me not everybody feels the same.

I hear people say that the parties don’t represent them and that they don’t want to vote. To some extent I agree. However, I think we also need to be aware that the parties will favour the demographic that turn up to vote. In New Zealand, a significant portion of people aged 50 actually turn up and vote. Compare this to the under 25 that have a low percentage voting. So until there are more people 18-25 turning up to vote, it will seem the future of New Zealand is catering for and decided by the over 50s.

The more party votes a party can get, that gives them better representation in parliament. As a result they have more power to get laws passed that matter to them.

I’m urging everyone to enrol and vote in the upcoming election. To either enrol or check you are enrolled click here

All parties have policies. We will have ample chance to hear them explain this in the up and coming debates on TV.  Also click the following links NationalLabourGreensMANANZ FirstMoari Party ActTop

A useful way to work out what matters to you and which party thinks like you is by using this online tool here.

I chose the image of the rainbow flag flying as its a symbol of peace and understanding. Which is greatly needed on our door step and globally.

Will you be voting?

Alan Worman

Mobile Truck Shops Breaking the Law

We are all think about buying things we can’t afford … just yet.

Mobile Truck Shops are so tempting as they offer the goods and you don’t have to pay right now. However, if you read the small print, often you’ll be paying, A LOT, for a long time to come.

Two of these shoddy businesses (Zee Shop and Budget Warehouse) have now been caught for making their ‘small print’ too difficult to understand and have received massive fines.

Have you seen Zee Shop or Budget Warehouse trucks in your neighbourhood?

ROCC wonders if we should go one step further and ban these vans?

Do you know of any political party that has a policy about this? Is this an election issue for you?

Let us know!

Read more here:

Bari Land Road Stopping

Housing NZ has made an application for Bari Lane in Mangere East to be ‘stopped’ and amalgamated with its adjoining land holdings so as to facilitate a comprehensive redevelopment for intensive housing. Housing NZ proposes to amalgamate its existing land titles and Bari Lane (when stopped) into one single allotment.

Do you live around here? Will this effect you? Let ROCC know on the facebook page


Proposed Motel threat to Yates Park

A 15 unit motel plus manager’s residence is proposed at 1/75 and 77 Yates Road, Mangere East. The Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board have expressed concerns around the potential for future change of use of the development, especially to construct a stormwater pipe through Yates Park. The motel applicant also requires Council approval to conduct works within the dripline of one protected tree, a Silver Birch that stands within the park along the boundary of 77 Yates Road as part of the carpark construction works inside 77 Yates Road. The tree might be negatively affected by the works.

Do you use this park? Do you live down Yates Road? How will this effect you? Let ROCC know on the facebook page